//Our Vision

Snap Their Rod, Blunt Their Spear!

At CounterPhish we believe that malicious phishing campaigns no longer have to be effective and profitable for the badies. With cutting edge tactics, tools and procedures we are able to effectively disrupt and prevent phishing attacks.

We love being in the business of making the world a better place.  – The CounterPhish Team

counterphish protection
// Prevention, Detection. Disruption


Effective Countermeasures Against Phishing Attacks

All of the anti-phishing solutions in one place with our core breakthrough CounterPhish Disrupt™ capability.

Our solution combines the best cyber threat intelligence skills, powerful partners, in-house early detection systems and effective disruption tactics, techniques and procedures that truly work.

// Natural Evolution

Our Beginning

We started off helping organisations stay secure, we are also heavily involved in private intelligence services. Combining our core skills, technical capabilities and our partner network we are able to deliver the most effective protection against malicious phishing activities than any other organisation on the globe.

We are most proud of our signature CounterPhish Disrupt™ product that simply is the first of its kind in effective phishing disruption.