CounterPhish Disrupt™

Effective Detection & Disruption Against Phishing Attacks 

Large Scale Fraud Prevention and Disablement.

The Partner Collective Already Working With CounterPhish

Our partner network is imperative to our actionable and effective detection and disruption countermeasures.

We utilise our partner network to both receive intelligence or to disseminate intelligence.

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CounterPhish Disrupt™

We are a managed service that monitors phishing campaigns and risks against your customers.


Protect your data from the damage of cyber criminals.

The CounterPhish Cogs

We are a service that effectively tackles fraudulent activity in its tracks.

01. Detection
Domain Name Monitoring

We monitor domain names similar to yours with real-time instant alerts of high risk new purchases for our observation. This is part of our early warning monitoring systems.

02. Detection
Asset Replication Monitoring

We continuously monitor the internet to detect websites that may be on an obscure domain but mimics your assets as part of our early warning systems.

03. Detection
Notification Response

We take in client reports of malicious or suspicious activity and act immediately to investigate. End customer reports can be integrated for our swift handling.

04. Disruption
Asset Security Protection

We routinely observe your assets using open source technical intelligence to identify spoofing risks to your organisation and provide remedial instructions upon detection.

05. Disruption
Cyber Threat Intelligence

Once we identify a threat we rapidly conduct a cyber threat intelligence investigation in just minutes to arm ourselves with information to deliver an immediate disruption response.

06. Disruption
Actionable Intelligence

We use the cyber threat intelligence to notify government intelligence, internet giants, internet service providers, internet registry bodies, web hosting providers, cyber threat intelligence database streams.

CounterPhish Disrupt™

 Malicious phishing websites, emails and phone numbers become unviable within minutes from detection.

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